Monday, September 25, 2023

Railway Cycling Trail is extending

07.08.2023, 06:48 Update: 22.08.2023, 06:51
Photo: UMWZ
Photo: UMWZ

The third state of the construction of one of the main cycling routes in Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship. New sections of the Old Railway Trail were built in the area of Białogard, Karlino, Będzino, Świeszyno, and Mielno communes. The share of European Union funding in the project amounted to nearly PLN 7m.

The Old Railway Trail runs from north to south along the eastern part of the Voivodeship. It is a route connecting the central sea coast with the area of the Westpomeranian lake districts. It is over 30 km long in total. In the north, it has two branches running from Mielno near Koszalin and from Kołobrzeg. The two routes meet in Białogard. The Kołobrzeg part mostly runs along the embankment of a former railway line through Gościno and Karlino. The railway line was partly removed, and the embankment was overgrown with shrubs and trees. The trail further leads to Połczyn-Zdrój, a health-resort town, and to Drawski Landscape Park. 

“It is most of all a trail for cyclists who seek tranquillity, relaxation and commune with nature in their bike trips. The density and length of cycle paths in West Pomerania is on the rise. New sections gain popularity as soon as they are opened, becoming a very attractive way to spend your free time actively,” praised Olgierd Geblewicz, Voivodeship Marshal. 

The third stage of the project included the construction and marking of the following sections: Mielno – Wronie Gniazdo – Klępino – Karlino. A part of the cycle paths was built to account for agricultural vehicles allowing farmers to reach nearby fields and the cars used by the staff of the State Forests.  They have asphalt pavement and a hard shoulder, and are 3 metres wide. There are signs along the entire 30-kilometre-long route. 

The conclusion of the third stage of Trail construction does not mean that the entire cycling project has been completed. The contractor responsible for the Złocieniec-Wałcz section has been selected. It is a continuation of a project that was completed in 2020, when the Białogard-Złocieniec section was marked and partly built from scratch. As part of that project, a 5-kilometre-long cycle path was built on the embankment of a former railway line from Świdwin to Połczyn-Zdrój.

“We are coming to a close of the Old Railway Trail project. The works along the section that connects to the one that has been opened as part of the completed project are at an advanced stage. A convenient cycling path will soon allow bike trips between Karlino and Białogard,” asserted Tomasz Sobieraj, Deputy Voivodeship Marshal. 

The cost  of the project entitled “The Third Stage of the Old Railway Trail” amounted to over PLN 8.2m. The share of EU Funds awarded as part of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme was nearly PLN 7m.



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