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The hybrid buses for PKM Katowice

02.03.2023, 09:29 Update: 15.03.2023, 11:05
EC - Audiovisual Service
EC - Audiovisual Service

By 19 June, PKM Katowice intends to buy 22 new hybrid buses. The task will be financed by the ERDF/ESF. The value of the co-financing is over €4.6 million.

The project implemented by PKM Katowice consists of the purchase of 22 new hybrid buses, including: — 5 pcs. 18-metre (articulated) buses; — 17 pcs. 12-metre (single) buses.

All purchased buses will be powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor and will meet the highest emission standards (hybrid drive). 

The purchased rolling stock will meet the EURO 6 emission standard for an internal combustion engine. These vehicles will have a number of facilities aimed at improving the safety and comfort of public transport users: air conditioning, monitoring, facilities for the disabled, USB chargers, Wi-Fi. 

The project emphasises the ecological effect of reducing exhaust emissions, CO2, fuel consumption and improving the quality of public transport. This will be possible thanks to the withdrawal of rolling stock with lower technical parameters.



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