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How will funds for entities’ own contributions to EU projects be allocated?

14.09.2023, 09:52 Update: 27.09.2023, 09:56
Fot. PAP/screen video
Fot. PAP/screen video

“I call on marshals to be reasonable and distribute these funds fairly,” said the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Grzegorz Puda, referring to the support the government has prepared for local government entities for their own contribution to EU-funded projects.

The state budget will provide more than PLN 8.7 billion to local government authorities for the purpose of supplementing the own contribution required for EU projects. Additional funds have been split between the provinces. When and how will they reach the municipalities?

“Nearly PLN 9 billion is being transferred to the marshals, which will be available to them, in order to make it easier for smaller local government authorities, which quite often do not have the possibility to obtain funding,” highlighted the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Grzegorz Puda in his response. “In each case, and also on this occasion, I will urge marshals to be wise, to distribute these funds fairly and (...) to think about the fact that the larger, major agglomerations manage somehow, while the small ones struggle. Let these funds [support – ed.] those less fortunate,” the Minister stated in an interview with Serwis Samorządowy PAP.

The Minister also urged that a policy of differentiated development also be considered when distributing support for own contributions during the debate ‘EU funds for regional investment – a balance of gains and losses’.

“I encourage marshals to approach this matter sensibly – whether this amount of allocation should be used to improve an area that is already functioning well, or where the municipalities are simply poorer, as some communities cannot afford to reach for European funds,” he indicated. “We transfer the money to the marshals and they decide where these funds will be allocated. Local government bodies are aware of the needs, but the outcomes vary, since there are marshals who know that these funds are easier to use in large agglomerations, so only have had an opportunity to develop,” he assessed.



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